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Classique Sounds of Leicester

Vintage hifi specialist, consultants.

Larger ImageWhy not have your Leak or Quad valve amplifiers etc

Most of the vintage hifi I see, has never been touched
since it was first manufactured. This is fine, if you
wish to just look at them, but not advisable if you
want to actually use them.

I offer rebuilds to most vintage valve amps at a
reasonable price.

Larger ImageFor example:

Leak Stereo 20 from £199.00
Quad II from £199.00 (Pr)

Please contact me prices for other valve amplifiers.

Many of my customers still own Leak Varislope or Point
One pre amplifiers, but do not use them because of
Larger Imagetheir poor sound quality. These too can be rebuilt,
but my own experience of these is that they still
don't sound very good and are very expensive to

As most of you know who use Leak amplifiers, they lend
themselves perfectly to a passive pre amplifier due to
their high sensitivity.

I have come up with the answer, and that is to turn
them into a passive (line only) pre amplifier.

Larger ImageThis involves completely stripping out the pre
amplifier and fitting new Rhodium plated phono
sockets. The unit is then wired using 99.99% pure
silver wire, insulated with PTFE and silver soldered
on all joints. An Alps pot and quality switch is also

Larger ImageMost of the controls then become redundant, allowing
the look of the pre amplifier to be retained.
What you then end up with is an original Leak pre
amplifier that simply sounds awesome.

Price is £299.00 if you supply the unit, or £425.00 if
you purchase the complete unit directly from me.

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