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Classique Sounds of Leicester

Vintage hifi specialist, consultants.

Wanted, vintage/valve hifi equipment. Working or not.

Hi and welcome to the Classique Sounds website.

We are a family run business and have been trading since 1992 specialising in vintage hifi equipment, such as Leak/Quad and Garrard etc.

We sometimes sell on ebay and have an excellent service record, our equipment has been exported worldwide. We pride ourselves on reliability and quality.

Almost all of our items are unmodified originals, however as many of you may be aware there are sometimes electrical safety issues which need to be addressed. In addition to this sonic upgrades may also be possible. We are available to advise about and perform electrical work if required. The Leak Stereo 20 is our speciality, however we also work on Quad II's and perform Leak pre-amp conversions.

The condition of equipment denotes the selling price, so if you wanted, say a pair of Quad II amplifiers, a rusty pair would be much cheaper than a mint/original pair.

Ultimately our aim is to offer vintage hifi equipment of the highest standard.

We are also an agent for One Thing Audio of Coventry U.K. who specialise in refurbishing the Quad ESL57 and ELS 63 loudspeaker. We also sell fully or part refurbished ESL57s and ELS 63’s.

If you require modern used hifi equipment, such as CD players and turntables we can supply examples of these also and are only too happy to part exchange your old hifi equipment.

We are keen to offer a personal service and are almost always available at the end of the phone. Otherwise feel free to send me an email with your contact details and we will be happy to call you (also applies to international enquiries).

We are very flexible with our working hours and can give evening and weekend demonstrations by appointment if required.

I hope you enjoy the site, have a look around I am sure there will be something for all of you.

Thank you, Paul Greenfield (Classique Sounds).

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