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Classique Sounds of Leicester

Vintage hifi specialist, consultants.

Proac Response (click to enlarge)As a general rule I will buy various types of
respected Hifi components mostly vintage but
not always so. Keep coming back and to down-
load the price list in order to see which items
I have in stock. In addition please contact me
if you require specific items as I may be in a
position to acquire these for you.

Other examples of my stock items are:

Leak pre-power connecting leads.
Leak booklets.
Goldring stylus cleaner.
Audio Technica stylus cleaner.
Cecil Watts dust bug.
Korusun U2 Integrated (click to enlarge)Original Garrard 301 grease.
Garrard 301 & 401 booklet.
Garrard 301 strobe.
Cartridges of many description, including Shure.
Sme arms.
Sme headshells.
Used valves from ECC83 to KT66's etc.

Stock is changing all the time. Please contact me if
there is something you may require and I'll let you
know if I have the parts. I'll also let you know the
cost and condition of parts on application.

Beard valve amplifier (click to enlarge)
The pictures on this page are for illustration purposes
only and do not necessarily mean that we have them in
stock. These are the type of items that we often have
or have had. Please click (here) to see the latest price

Classic Marantz CD player

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