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Classique Sounds of Leicester

Vintage hifi specialist, consultants.

Quad equipment has always been the favourite of many
Larger Imagea hifi enthusiast, including myself and we usually
have a good range of their equipment in stock.

Quad valve amplifiers such as the Quad II are becoming
extremely scarce here in the UK, but we usually have
these in stock in various condition. These can often
be supplied with original GEC KT66's if required. Said
by some to be one of the greatest valve amplifiers
ever made, purchasing these can only be an investment,
Larger Imageespecially in nice original condition.

We also stock other Quad hifi items, such as Quad
33/FM3/303, Quad 405 power amplifiers (image), Quad 34/44 pre-amplifiers. We also try to stock later items such as the 66 or 77 range.

Please check our latest price list for current stock.

The famous Quad II monobloc's

The legendary Quad II's


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