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Proud Agent

Classique Sounds of Leicester

Vintage hifi specialist, consultants.

Refurbishment/repairs to Quad ESL 57 & ELS 63
electrostatic loudspeakers.

Refurbed ESL 57Classique Sounds are the only UK agent for One Thing Audio of Coventry and we have been working in close liaison with them for the past 8 years or so.

As you may or may not know, One Thing Audio is the UK,
if not the Worlds' experts on Quad ESL/ELS loudspeakers
and has had 2 glowing reviews in Hifi World of their
product, Click here. They have also supplied Quad UK
with parts including panels and still continue to do so.

If you require your speakers servicing or refurbishing,
you will need to bring them to us here
ESL 63 with George standin Leicester. From here they are transported to our
workshop in Leicester and dismantled and parts are
then labelled for delivery to One Thing Audio in
Coventry. They will carry out all necessary work and
then they are delivered back to me in Leicester where
they will be demonstrated to the customer prior to
paying. One thing Audio simply does not have the time
to answer phone calls in the day, so we are happy to
do this for them. Please do not send technical
questions by email as these can take ages to reply. I
would rather you rang me direct, or sent an email with
your telephone number so I can ring you back. Sorry,
we do not ring Mobile telephones.

The Rupert, click for larger image.We can also supply the highly acclaimed RUPERT wooden stands, which are available in several finishes. These will further enhance the sound of the ESL57-
ELS63 loudspeakers.

We are also able to supply very strong flat pack boxes
Otec treble panelfor £30.00 a pair plus postage. We have these
specially made so carriers will not impose an
additional levy due to volumetric weight, which they
will with Quad boxes. . These are a considerable
saving on Quads genuine boxes, although they are not
supplied with internal packaging material.(image)

Full refurbishment of ESL57 includes new Otec treble
and fully reconditioned bass panels as well as new EHT
units, clampboards, speaker sockets, cloth grille
covers, wiring, audio transformer rebuild and
cosmetics. The EL63's have similar work done, but all
panels are completely reconditioned. All new parts are
covered by a full 12 months RTB warranty. The price is

We also offer a similar package for the ESL57's, which
includes 2 reconditioned treble panels as well as 4
serviced bass panels (where possible), new EHT-Clamp
boards, wiring, audio transformer rebuild, speaker
sockets and cost a mere £690.00.

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