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Classique Sounds of Leicester

Vintage hifi specialist, consultants.

Larger ImageMany of the vintage turntables such as Garrard 301
& 401 are becoming very difficult to find, hence the
premium prices that these decks are fetching.
I use a Garrard 301 myself with an SME 3012 tonearm
and as far as I'm concerned is one of the best decks I
have heard, regardless of price or pedigree.
Therefore, don't be surprised if you contact me that I
do not have any in stock, but I am in a better
Larger Imageposition than most to maybe help you find one.

Other decks that I like and often have in stock are
the Thorens 150/160's. These make a superb motor unit
and mounted in a properly constructed plinth will give
the best of the Linn decks a run for their money.

I also love the classic look of the Transcriptor
Larger Imagerecord decks, these are also difficult to find
nowadays, especially in nice condition, but I usually
have one or two in stock. One of my Transcriptor units
was loaned by to a film company who are making a film
about Ian Curtis from a group called Joy Division.
This should be released early in 2007, so look out for
that. Please click here for my latest price list.

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